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C. G. López Pombo, P. F. Castro, N. Aguirre, and T. S. E. Maibaum, “Satisfiability Calculus: The Semantic Counterpart of a Proof Calculus in General Logics”, in Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques, 21st International Workshop, {WADT} 2012, Salamanca, Spain, June 7-10, 2012, Revised Selected Papers, 2012.
P. Chocron, P. Fontaine, and C. Ringeissen, “Satisfiability Modulo Non-Disjoint Combinations of Theories Connected via Bridging Functions”, in Automated Deduction: Decidability, Complexity, Tractability (ADDCT), 2014.
S. Abriola, M. E. Descotte, and S. Figueira, “Saturation, Definability, and Separation for XPath on Data Trees”, in 9th Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management, 2015.
S. Abriola, M. E. Descotte, and S. Figueira, “Saturation, Definability, and Separation for XPath on Data Trees”, in Proceedings of the 9th Alberto Mendelzon International Workshop on Foundations of Data Management, Lima, Peru, May 6 - 8, 2015., 2015.
J. Krčál and P. Krcál, “Scalable Analysis of Fault Trees with Dynamic Features”, in 45th Annual {IEEE/IFIP} International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, {DSN} 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 22-25, 2015, 2015.
A. Legay, S. Sedwards, and L. - M. Traonouez, “Scalable Verification of Markov Decision Processes”, in 4th Workshop on Formal Methods in the Development of Software (FMDS 2014), Grenoble, 2014.PDF icon FMDS2014.pdf (175.6 KB)
S. S. Pelozo and P. R. D'Argenio, “Security Analysis in Probabilistic Distributed Protocols via Bounded Reachability”, in Trustworthy Global Computing, vol. 8191, C. Palamidessi and M. D. Ryan, Eds. 2013, p. 182-197.
M. D. Lee, “Semánticas de procesos para sistemas interactivos y sistemas probabilísticos”, 2013.
C. Eisentraut, H. Hermanns, J. - P. Katoen, and L. Zhang, “A Semantics for Every GSPN”, in Petri Nets 2013, 2013, vol. 7927, p. 90–109.PDF icon 79270090.pdf (355.81 KB)
J. Bogdoll, A. Hartmanns, and H. Hermanns, “Simulation and Statistical Model Checking for Modestly Nondeterministic Models”, in Measurement, Modelling, and Evaluation of Computing Systems and Dependability and Fault Tolerance, 2012, vol. 7201, p. 249-252.
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D. Déharbe, P. Fontaine, Y. Guyot, and L. Voisin, “SMT Solvers for Rodin”, in 3rd Intl. Conf. Abstract State Machines, Alloy, B, VDM, and Z (ABZ 2012), Pisa, Italy, 2012.
C. Dehnert, J. - P. Katoen, and D. Parker, “SMT-Based Bisimulation Minimisation of Markov Models”, in Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation, VMCAI 2013, 2013, vol. 7737, p. 28-47.
A. Filieri, et al., “Software Engineering Meets Control Theory”, in 10th {IEEE/ACM} International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, {SEAMS} 2015, Florence, Italy, May 18-19, 2015, 2015.
M. Abaffy, T. Brázdil, V. Rehák, B. Bosanský, A. {\'ı}n Kucera, and J. Krčál, “Solving adversarial patrolling games with bounded error: (extended abstract)”, in International conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, {AAMAS} '14, Paris, France, May 5-9, 2014, 2014.
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A. Hartmanns and M. Timmer, “Sound statistical model checking for {MDP} using partial order and confluence reduction”, {STTT}, vol. 17, p. 429–456, 2015.
S. Knight, C. Palamidessi, P. Panangaden, and D. Valencia, Frank, “Spatial and Epistemic Modalities in Constraint-Based Process Calculi”, in Proceedings of CONCUR, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 2012.PDF icon (2.71 MB)
S. Abramsky, M. W. Mislove, and C. Palamidessi, “Special issue dedicated to a selection of papers of the conference Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics (MFPS XXV)”, Theor. Comput. Sci., vol. 430, p. 1-2, 2012.
G. Casale, L. Cherkasova, and H. Hermanns, “Special Issue on "Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems" {(QEST} 2012)”, Perform. Eval., vol. 73, p. 1–2, 2014.
M. E. Andrés, C. Palamidessi, and G. Smith, “Special issue on quantitative information flow”, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, vol. 25, p. 203–206, 2015.
F. Asteasuain and V. A. Braberman, “Specification Patterns: Formal and Easy”, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, vol. 25, p. 669–700, 2015.
G. Regis, N. Ricci, N. Aguirre, and T. S. E. Maibaum, “Specifying and Verifying Declarative Fluent Temporal Logic Properties of Workflows”, in Formal Methods: Foundations and Applications - 15th Brazilian Symposium, {SBMF} 2012, Natal, Brazil, September 23-28, 2012. Proceedings, 2012.PDF icon WorkflowPropVerification.pdf (433.21 KB)
G. Regis, R. Degiovanni, N. D'Ippolito, and N. Aguirre, “Specifying Event-Based Systems with a Counting Fluent Temporal Logic”, in 37th {IEEE/ACM} International Conference on Software Engineering, {ICSE} 2015, Florence, Italy, May 16-24, 2015, Volume 1, Florence, Italy, 2015.
M. Bozga, et al., “State-of-the-art tools and techniques for quantitative modeling and analysis of embedded systems”, in 2012 Design, Automation {&} Test in Europe Conference {&} Exhibition, DATE 2012, Dresden, Germany, March 12-16, 2012, 2012.